Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Too Cute-icle review

My apologies for not posting in a long time. But I am back with a review of an exciting new polish line being released on December 2 at 12pm CST!!!! Check out Jess over at Too Cute-icle. She's found on Facebook at: She sent me two polishes to review. I should mention here that the polishes were carefully wrapped and then wrapped as seen in the picture shown. So pretty!!
The first up is called Butthurt Banana. Yes, you read that right. Haha. Typically I go out of my way to avoid yellow polishes because of my skin tone. This polish is really pretty though! It is a shimmery yellow with black and red glitters. The picture shows 2 coats of this and as you can see it is pretty much opaque. A third coat would probably seal the deal. I found that the polish went on very smooth and dried quickly.
The next polish I tried was called Pretty, Pretty Princess. This polish was absolutely gorgeous!! It is meant to be layered over your favorite color. This polish is clear and contains a variety of holo glitters. There's purple, pink, blue, silver, and teal. They are different sizes and some are hex shape! The great part about this polish is there are so many possible "undies" you could use: white, black, teal, gray, silver, etc. One can really have fun trying so many combinations! For my picture I have PPP over 2 nails in black, 2 nails in white and one nail black matte. I love the way this polish looks over black! It looks great over white also and reminds me of Easter/Spring!! Take a look and see what you think!
I found that both polishes went on very smoothly and one thing that really impresses me was the way the glitters lay. The glitters do not seem to peel up or snag in any way. They are smooth to the touch and I love that!! This was my first review and I hope you enjoyed learning more about a new line of polishes. Please make sure to check out Too Cute-icle on facebook and also her Etsy shop at: